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Thread: Why was Moore in?????

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    Mendy went no where all night long. My guess it was simply a coaching decision to change things up. One that worked very well. Way to go Tomlin.

    Yes I would of trust Mendy not to fumble.
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    When opposing teams see Moore in the game, its usually a passing situation, they were probably more worried about a deep TD throw, so Moore usually has more room to run.

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    Had no problem with Mendy being in there. He always seems to come up with a big play or block on blitz pick-up. Bigger question is why was Redman not in the game earlier?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    They went with Moore because neither Mendenhall or Redman were able to generate anything on the ground..
    Redman only got 3 touches again this week, hard to say he couldn't pickup up yardage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelDad View Post
    Bigger question is why was Redman not in the game earlier?
    Because Mendenhall was doing soooooo good all game

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    They probably put Moore in because they were tired of seeing Mendenhall get the ball, run up towards a hole, no matter how small, stop, then pull back and try to run around the tackle only to be stopped for a three yard loss.

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    Moore stepped up big at the end of the game...You were sitting there pulling your hair out all game seeing Tomlin and Arians continue to hand the ball off to Mendenhall and 1st and 2nd down go absolutely nowhere while Redman sat on the bench and just rotted away like a bad apple...

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    He was the most productive back of the night...
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    with how awful the run game was i dont see what it hurt putting moore in, who btw was heroic on the last drive moving the chains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uclkyle View Post
    I realize Moore is the 3rd down and 2 minute back.....but after we drove the ball down the field and were obviously running and killing the clock prior to the FG, why did Tomlin have Moore carrying the ball? Seems a little unusual to have Moore get his first three carries of the season in that situation. This came after timeouts too, so substitutions were possible. Why not have Mendy or even Redman in there? Is Mendy hurt or removed from the game?
    Moore had pretty much the only positive catch that sparked us in the 2nd half except for some plays that Heath made. Were you drinking to much to remember lastnight?

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