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Thread: AFC and NFC Championship's

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    I'll be rooting for the Colts and Saints next Sunday.

    It would be truly fitting for Peyton Manning to exorcise the playoff demons by beating the Patriots and I hope the Saints take Chicago out behind the woodshed.

    The Saints and Bears game has been dubbed "The Ditka Bowl"....that's kinda funny.

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    Living in the Chicago viewing area, that would be the last team I'd ever root for. So Saints for me.

    AFC.. blah.. I hate both teams. I think I just threw up in my mouth thinking about them.

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    Go saints, i hate the colts and pats with a firey passion, but i would rather see Brady get another one than Manning get his first, we dont need another gods gift to football in the NFL, brady wouldnt surpise anyone and mabey the ****er would just retire and run for mayor of boston if he wins another one. **** manning i would hate to see him succeed, it doesnt matter anyway the saints are goin all the way

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