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Thread: How would the Steelers survive if Ben was gone?

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    How would the Steelers survive if Ben was gone?

    I was thinking about this yesterday and then saw an article in the Post Gazette talking about this very thing.

    The Colts are a shell of their former selves without Peyton Manning at QB. They clearly did not do their homework in preparing their backups for this type of situation and now they are paying the price. Blame for this goes squarely on the coaches and owners. That team was built for Peyton Manning, plain and simple. He is the heart, soul, and in reality the Head Coach.

    Anyways, if the roles were reversed and Ben were lost for the year or for atleast a couple of months, how would the Steelers fair? Would Charlie Batch be able to stay healthy and lead this team to some victories? Would they be able to duplicate the 3-1 performance of 2010 when Ben was gone for 4 games? Could they sustain that type of momentum for say 6-8 games straight? This is a question that none of us ever want to realize but if it did happen, the Steelers are much more prepared to handle it than the Colts are.

    The Steelers defense knows how to pick up the slack and carry the team on the shoulders. The offensive line, when they put their mind to it, can grind out the yards on the ground, keep the clock moving and take the pressure off the backup signal caller. The reserves that Tomlin has at his disposal are experienced, savvy veterans who have been there and done that. We would be foolish to think the Steelers would still be automatic playoff contenders or even finish at .500, but clearly their chances would be better than other teams right now.
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    See the Colts!

    The defense would keep it close, but with no clutch QB play this team would be horrid!

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    I think without Ben for the season we would be 7-9 maybe 6-10 this year. Batch just isnt mobile enough to throw behind that line. However, we would not be as bad as the Colts as Ben doesnt call the plays (unfortunately since we have BA), Ben doesnt run practices, etc. Our defense and Batch could keep us from being 2-14, but in no way would we be a playoff team.

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    Roethlisberger is the difference between 8-8/9-7 and 11-5/12-4.
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    Ya, I'll have to agree with everyone so far. I think for a period of 4-6 weeks we could stay afloat without too much of an issue, but in a gone for the season scenario we don't have anyone to pull off the game winning drive and that would drop us down to a record in the neighborhood of .500.

    If that were to happen, what would they do? Bring someone in? Not many options out there, I suppose you'd have to consider Garrard in that scenario.......

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    I think the defense could only take the team so far this year if we lost Ben. I just haven't seen the same heart that this D usually shows. It's early, so this may change, but I'm a tad bit worried about the defense as a whole, but in particular the D-line and (big suprise!) the Dbs. The Seahawks game was nice to see, but that was against a pretty bad team.

    IMO, if we lost Ben it would be nice for a change to see Redman and Mendy get a lot of the work load and see how far they could carry the team.

    And even though Ben hasn't gotten into his usual form yet, this team wouldn't make it far in the Playoffs with their $100 million QB.
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    If we lost 1 game while Ben was out last year we could be ok this season. I have faith in C Batch. He knows his stuff and can produce and answer the call.

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    I don't think they would fare too well. Even if they miraculously made the playoffs, do you think Charlie Batch or Dennis Dixon would be able to win a game with that line going up against a good team? They'd be cannon fodder.

    If the Steelers lost Ben, I'd almost rather see them lose out so that the team could use a high pick on a solid offensive lineman to help protect him in the future. Instead, they'd probably go DE.

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    Better than colts, worse than Patriots.
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    I don't think that we would make it to the superbowl by any means, but I also don't think we would fall apart completely. I mean the Colts, wow. It is crazy how much Peyton Manning means to that team. He could be the difference between a 13-3 season and a 3-13 season. I don't think we'd see that much of a swing if we lost Ben.

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