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Thread: Kerry Collins vs the Steelers secondary

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harrison92 View Post
    As long as the Steelers get out first, and put up a couple scores, it should quiet the crowd fairkly quickly. But if the Steelers let the Coolts hang around long enough, that could be trouble.

    Ike will draw Wayne so that should be a wash, now the rest of the secondary has to cover Dallas Clark and the other WR's for Indy.

    This game will be won or lost on the Steelers success in controlling the offfensive and defensive LOS.

    A multi touchdown game for Ben would do a world of good for the offense in general too. They were horrible in week 1, last week they played better but still left atleast 2 TD's on the field.

    It wouldn't surprise me completely to see this become a shootout on Sunday night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    That offense was built for Manning and him alone. The Colts haven't bothered to groom anyone else and now they are paying for it.
    Which is interesting. Manning is 35 years old. They should have his replacement on the roster now, or hope they get LUCKy this year.

    It's also interesting that they didn't go after Garrard to try to salvage the season a bit. Maybe they want to go 0-16 and try for Luck.

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    As long as we get pressure our DB's will handle Collins just fine. If we don't they have plenty of talent to score points.
    I'm not as worried about the crowd. I think they are still in shock not seeing Peyton back there. While the black and gold will be well represented.
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    collins will be out before the game is over.. then i think painter is next up.

    i go with the run for Luck theory here.

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    I have confidence in our secondary as long as BMac is on the pine our mistake has been not rotating the young guys in so they can get better so then they leave and excel for another team but Coach Lake has done a great job doing that this year.our secondary will be fine the key is the linebackers and there ability to pressure collins

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