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Thread: Roethlisberger has much better day, however...

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    The Seahawks took the deep stuff away today and Ben played a smart efficient game. I know he missed some passes before his knee was hit....But how many did he miss after the fact?.....I'm sure his knee caused him to miss some passes........I expected a bigger day from him as well but really we're lucky he wasn't lost for the season and I'll take almost 300 yards with no turn overs from Ben any day........Ben will be fine by the third or fourth game of the season and I do expect great things from this offense as they continue to get into sync.....

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    Roethlisberger is a QB who seems to get better with momentum. Typically, he plays better in the second quarter than the first, better in the fourth quarter than the third, and better late in the season than early in the season.

    On that note, maybe the two-week layoff is part of why he hasn't played well in two of his three Super Bowl appearances.
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