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    Chick Can

    This is not a recipe, but rather a suggestion.. Esp for Philly and his CHICKEN that he has weekly.. Has anyone ever made the Chick cans...

    WE have them, alot.. It is delish!!!

    You cook a chicken on a can we use beer, you could use coke or what ever. It is basically for moisture.. YOu emty about 1/4-1/2 of the liquid, stand the chicken up on the can in a pie plate, and bake or you can even cook on the bar b q that way.. It is delish, so moist. YOu can buy the THINGY (thanks Jess for that word) in any grocery store of Wal Mart.

    If you have tried it, lemme know if you like it.. If not, PLEASE do try--

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    They sell the bracket to hold the can and the chicken and Gander Mountain, the MRS. is right, awesome chicken
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