Just a quick analysis of what the Seahawks did yesterday seeing that they lost to a pretty bad 49ers team on the road 33-17. The Seahawks looked really bad in this game and have some serious issues at QB. Tavaris Jackson didnot look very good at all for the Seahawks and Marshawn Lynch didnt really run well at all either. This is absolutely positively the best team that could be coming in here this weekend for the Steelers to tee off on and take their frustrations out on. Seattle historically has been terrible traveling out to the East Coast for early 1 o clock games. While I am not taking any game for granted especially after what happened yesterday in Baltimore if the Steelers dont beat the Seahawks by at least 2 TD's at Heinz Field on Sunday Ill be shocked. There is just no way that I see right now Seattle coming in here and winning this game Sunday with as pissed off as the Steelers will be after this loss in Baltimore;plus, the fact that they are just not a very good football team to begin with. I expect the Steelers to bounce back big this week and look for them to win this game against Seattle something like 28-10. What do you guys think??