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The only error message I can get it to say is if I copy the incomplete link that the forum is displaying. Then it says the gif is in an incorrect format or some BS like that... If you right click on the link and select copy link location and paste that link into the signature box option 1, removing the info that is already there, of course, I get it to show up just fine.

Another option is you can just save the image to your hard drive and upload it as a file from there using option 2.
Ok..the first option I did try but i'll try the 2nd option..thanks!!

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Delete your current signature refresh the signature page and then insert this code into your now blank signature block. That is the big white empty block with nothing in it.

code = everything inside the quotation marks except the marks themselves
"http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v3...arrWoodley.jpg" Then add the image tag [img] immediately before the http:... and the closing image tag [/img] immediately after ...jpg

Your sig should look like this:

Hope that helps.
Ok thank you..trying it now

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Oh **** boys....look what I ended up with!!!!!