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Thread: Future does not look good for Crosby..

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    Future does not look good for Crosby..

    Can't believe nobody here has started a thread on this yet, so here it goes.

    It's not looking good for Sidney Crosby. This offseason they pushed his workouts up to 90%, and as soon as he goes that high he starts getting the headaches and losing vision and all the great and fun stuff that comes with a concussion. So, obviously, he's still very much on the non contact side of the hockey rink. If he's had 8 months to recover and still is not even close to a full recover, people are saying that this could very well be the end of his career at the very most. At the very least, he won't come back till January at the earliest. And, if he does come back in January and gets hit at the head like he did last January, that could very well be it for him. It'll be a somber day in Pittsburgh if we find out that such a talent, who was supposed to lead our team for atleast 10 more years, is out at 24.

    That being said, can't believe the trainer that let him play in the game after the Winter Classic. Worst move by a trainer in the NHL ever.
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