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Thread: Sandusky Interview

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    Sandusky Interview

    After listening on every radio and tv show the sandusky interview with Bob Costas, sorry God but he should die. He doesn`t deserve to live another day. The campus police shoud all be fired. Paterno as much as I loved him, had to go, and not sure he shouldnt hang!

    Second, I believe Sandusky will kill himself before the trial and get off easy. And Paterno will die from not having a reason to live. Sanduskys bound should be revoked NOW!

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    Kill himself..... Wishful thanking save our tax dollars on him
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stairwayto7 View Post
    Second, I believe Sandusky will kill himself before the trial and get off easy...
    .... along with the lawyer scum who's representing him.

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    You mean the lawyer scum who was 49 or so and sleeping with a 16 year old client and got her pregnant?
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