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Thread: Becoming a STEELER FAN !

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    Becoming a STEELER FAN !

    Thought this would be something for us to do
    We can let all our fellow steeler fans know how each of us become a steeler fan
    #1 HOW---Born into it,raised in pitt,handed down by family,,,,etc
    #2 How many years,,,,,,,
    #3 State you live in,,,,,,,,
    Here's the way i got to be a Steeler Fan !
    Lived in ky since i was 10 and played pop warner football then started watching football and loved he colors when i was a kid and drawn to the name
    Black has always been my favorite color
    All my friends in ky know how much of a huge steeler fan i am,been with them for 33 years FAITHFULLY
    Thought we could have a little get to know you FUN

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    #1 born into it in a family of peoplefrom Pittsburgh
    #2 ive been a fan of the Steelers since i started followin football
    there is no definitive time tht i started watching... sometime around the age of 8 or 9
    but even when i dint follow football i would cheer for them when they were on
    so in conclusion...
    my whole life
    #3 i live in maryland

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    House of Steel
    #1: A Best Friend's father who is a big time Steelers Fan introduce me to the Steelers at the age of 10
    #2: Since 1984, going on my 23rd year as a Black n Gold Bleeder.
    #3: I am not going to say Cleveland, Ohio anymore since I live close to Lakewood, Ohio, I am going to say LAKEWOOD, OHIO.

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    First game I can ever remember was SB XIV when we played the Rams and won. I was like 9 I think then and ever since I saw those cool black n gold colors I was hooked. My dad used to be a big Giants fan, my brother & sister are 'skins fans but I held my ground and stayed a fan to this day and still going strong. Black N Gold forever !!!!!!!

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    1. Born in the Burgh and whole family loves the Steelers.
    2. Since birth so 20 years.
    3. Pennsylvania

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    I became a Steelers fan because of my love for the City of Pittsburgh's pro sports teams and I live in a family of Steelers Fans.

    I have been a Steelers fan since the day I was born

    I live in Pennsylvania. In the Middle of the heartland of Steelers Nation.

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    SA First Blitzburgh Blitzburgh55's Avatar
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    #1 Dad is from Pittsburgh
    #2 Since i was born
    #3 Phila,PA

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    Nov 2006
    Fairmont, WV
    I have been a faithful follower and Steeler lover for over 50 years.
    I live around 90 minutes south of Pittsburgh in West Virginia.
    The Steelers has always been my #1 NFL team

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    True story on how I became a Steelers fan.
    Was watching Super Bowl IX with my father and grandfather. The Steelers were playing the Vikings and I asked my father who he was cheering for since I had never watched football before ( I was 6). He wanted the Steelers to win being that he is from PA so I started cheering for them and have never He is a Patriots fan mostly now but still has a soft spot for the Steelers even though he doesn't say it.

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    House of Steel
    Dan, that is not a Steelers fan at all. He betrayed the Steeler Nation, how can he twist his heart like that and go Patriots???? That is just unbelieveable. A soft spot for the Steelers??? Dude, if he changed his legion, he isn't a fan anymore, I am sorry, but I feel strongly about this.

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