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Thread: Antonio Brown "a little too excited"

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    Antonio Brown "a little too excited"

    Word to the wise for Antonio Brown...



    Or This

    Should not equal this

    Or This

    Or the result will be this

    Now honestly, it's hard to fault the guy for being excited and happy to be doing so well in the league. How many 6th round draft picks have such an impact on their team, especially early on. He worked very hard in the offseason and dedicated himself to being ready to go as soon as he got his chance. He made several big catches late in the year and in the post season in 2010, and so far in 2011 he's starting off like gangbusters. I have all the love in the world for the guy and honestly it didn't really bother me much to see him do the Hines Ward dancing. However as soon as he hung on the rail on Saturday night I knew Tomlin was going to give him an earful. I actually thought it was kinda cool to see somebody get up and interact with the fans after a TD. You never see that at Heinz.

    Brown did an interview after the game with Ken Laird and Guy Junker from the Trib, and he mentioned how he just got alittle carried away and excited. He said Tomlin told him, "that's not how we do things around here, be humble". I'm interested to watch how he reacts in the future now and hopefully maybe he can just tone down the celebrations just a tad. As long as he avoids the 15 yd personal fouls for unsportsman like conduct though, I'm pretty ok with it.
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