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    Exclamation DAMN INJURIES !!!

    RANT ON!:
    Man! Don't know about you, but I've never seen this amount of serious injuries this early in the season!

    I'm sure some of those are from a lack of pre-season, but a lot of these seem like just BAD LUCK !!

    Of course we'll here the old adage... So and so is "INJURY PRONE!" I guess Pouncey will be INJURY PRONE. :ROLLEYES:

    RANT OFF!:

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    Pouncey will be okay. We need to take the last game off and just pull all 22 starters and get through the preseason in one piece.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    Bad luck for sure, it's such a crapshoot in the NFL. I'm not sure if there have been more injuries league wide from the lack of OTAs and and what not from the lockout or if it just seems that way cause everyone is so focused on that being the case.

    I'd like to see someone (not me, I'm too lazy) to throw out some stats from the past several seasons to see how it measures out. I'm sure we'll see one on a pregame show or something eventually.

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    They won't play the Starters much next game which is a good thing.

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