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Thread: Affiliate Spotlight - Steel Nation Association

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    Affiliate Spotlight - Steel Nation Association

    Affiliate Spotlight Questions

    Steel Nation Association

    We recently did an interview with one of our affiliates here on SteelerAddicts, Steel Nation Association. SNA is run by Mike who has a great passion for both the Steelers and for charity. We have his site featured on our affiliates page and he also has SA on his site as well.

    SA - How long have you been the owner of Steel Nation Association (

    SNAI developed Steel Nation Association from the ground up and opened it on 5/19/10

    SA -What got you interested in starting your own site?

    SNA-I am an avid Steeler fan and have been from childhood. When you grow up in a house that roots for the Steelers you automatically root for them too. It’s a passion, a culture and a way of life. I wanted to develop a site for fans that would provide a central location to read up on the team, learn the history of the team and team facts, play fun games and also feel like a part of a larger community. The biggest goal I wanted to achieve was to donate to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, so I decided to have people join for a one time fee. Members get a membership card, membership gift, deals at all our partner locations and at the same time, the site will take 20% of their membership fee and donate it directly to Children’s Hospital.

    SA -How much time do you normally spend per week working on Steel Nation Association?

    SNA-Multiple hours a week are dedicated to the upkeep of the site. More hours are spent during the season of course, but I constantly try to have the site as up to date as possible and a lot of time is spent ‘behind the scenes’ trying to find more partners where our members can get great deals.

    SA - Do you work on your site alone or do you have a staff to help you?

    SNA-I work on it alone with a little help from some friends and family on occasion.

    SA -Where do you see Steel Nation Association in the next year; and in 5 years

    SNA-Within the next year the plan is to have become a more recognized web site for Steeler fans to visit as well as become a member. We hope to have a few more sponsors/partners and of course more Steeler fans as members. We’d also like to make another good donation to the hospital, which is made possible by Steeler fans joining the site and with help from our sponsors.
    In the next five years, we plan to have the site become a household name for Steeler fans. We hope to be big enough to run large events for our members, bring in players both former and current and make a very sizeable donation on an annual basis to the hospital. We’d also like to become big enough to be covering more Pittsburgh sports in the next five years. This can and will all be achieved with the help of the fans. Please come to and sign up today!

    SA –Tell us about what has to offer to your members and visitors. is a site designed by Steeler fans for Steeler fans. The objective of the site is to bring the latest news and events on the team directly to the fans. We have the complete history of the Steelers having documented every game they have ever played, single season and career record holders as well as stadium facts and hall of famers. We keep up with the current year statistics and records for both the Steelers and the league and update them each week during the season. Blogs are written to sum up and discuss each game as well as other topics and we love to hear back from the fans in those forums.
    We are also all about the kids, we have a section of the site dedicated specifically for them with trivia, steeler related games and football 101.
    We run contests and drawings and hand our prizes weekly including gift cards, autographs, free memberships and more.
    The site has several partners and when someone signs up to become a member of our site, they get exclusive deals at our partner locations with the presentation of their membership card. They can get deals at restaurants, bars, flower shops and camera stores all with the presentation of their Steel Nation Association Card.
    During the football season, we run events at our partner locations for our current and prospective members offering prizes and drawings in an effort to raise more money for the hospital
    As a member you pay a one time fee to get your card, your member gift and the knowledge of knowing that 20% of what you paid is going directly to Children’s Hospital.
    Our biggest mission is to provide as much money to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh each year during the holidays and this can only be done with the help of the fans. Steeler fans are the best in the world; we all treat each other with respect and high regard and our site would love to have each an every one of you as members to help our cause and the kids at Children’s Hospital.

    SA – Do you frequent other sites besides your own?

    SNA-I visit for their vast content and also your standard sites and

    SA -What are some of your hobbies & interests besides running

    SNA-Most of my hobbies surround sports either playing when I can (though the legs aren’t what they used to be!) or watching. Traveling and going to restaurants are something I also enjoy doing with my family. Mostly, I spend my free time with my son playing with him and just enjoying watching him grow up. He’s only 20 months old and is a ball of energy and keeps everyday interesting. He had some health issues early on in his life and was also another big inspiration in picking Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh as our charity of choice.

    SA -How did you hear about Steeler Addicts and what made you become interested in being an affiliate?

    SNA-It was funny how I came across the site. I was on looking for Steeler Bars and Steeler Addicts popped up as a site that had a list. I hit the link and started playing around on the site and enjoyed all it had to offer. The site is very well put together and laid out extremely nicely and that really made me want to reach out to see if we could work together.

    SA -If you could sum up your website in few sentences what would you say?

    SNA-It’s a site for Steeler fans worldwide. We offer all the info you could ever want, a sense of community and we are doing great things with the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh thanks to all of you current and future members. Please visit us and sign up today at

    Thanks Mike for sharing some insight about SNA with us, we look forward to watching your site grow with continued to success and a great partnership with SteelerAddicts!
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