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    i don't think they will either but you would think the 4th round pick makes the team

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    Quote Originally Posted by connecticutsteel View Post
    they can't just take him off our practice squad unless we waive him
    This comes up every year and every year I forget how it works. Everyone has it right about a player can be taken from another teams PS but must be added to their active 53. I think? Then the team losing the player has the option to negate that move by adding the player to their own active 53 I think.[not sure about that?] Oh heck, now I'm back to getting mixed up ---every year the same thing --- HOWEVER: this stuff has nothing to do with what you are saying. IIRC from preceding years this is how it works.

    If this player does not make the final 53 of the Steelers, he is then up for grabs to any team that wants to sign him I think. Since he is considered waived. If no one else signs him then the Steelers can put him on their PS if they choose to. Then those rules about the PS come into play. Savran has explained this dozens of times and informed posters have definitively made it clear numerous times over the years, nonetheless it is still very confusing to me and I don't think I have it right again. Anyone know how this works for sure?

    Last year they lost the LB from OSU. But I can't remember if he made it to the PS or not. Couple years ago Rashad Harris the NT was taken from the PS by Carolina and placed on the active 53. This I remember then he didn;t cut it and was waived and is now back here but out again waived injured or something. Believe me this is allways very confusing and every year it comes up and is always mixed up.

    This is the risk all teams take when they make their final cuts. The rules once the player is on the PS are easy to know. But what I forget is if the player does not make the final 53 and you want to add him to you PS. This is where the confusion for me comes in. Someone posted that the player can choose where he goes, I think this is correct but what I am not sure of is if another team would like this player do they have to add him to their active 53 or can they simply negotiate with him and [if he chooses] add him to their PS. Yes it is confusing and comes up every year.

    While we're on this how about this related scenario: Say Cortez Allen or any other drafted player that is signed and under contract does not make the final 53. This raises all these questions for me. Is this players contract now terminated? Say he is not picked up by any other team, and is not added to the PS. What is the status of his already signed contract now? Is his contract simply negated: And if he is added to the PS is he resigned to another contract? Anyone really know how this stuff works? This might be a good year to straighten it out.

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