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Thread: Tony Hills looked great at OG.

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    idk, i think hills is making a hard case to start all of a sudden. he was better than foster, scott and legs have been at RG and he looked kinda beast at LT for a while too.

    no complaints on his leaps and bounds worth of progress the last year...holy ****

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    The new line coach IMO has helped these guys find their mojo!

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    Roster isn't set yet. I fully expect a veteran "swing" tackle to be it Flo,Max or someone like Bryant McKinnie. There is not enough tackle depth right now.

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    I think Hills will be the starting RG come week 1 vs the Ravens.....

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    I was impressed with both Gilbert and Hills out there. Hills was always manhandling guys on his blocks which really impressed me given his history. Maybe there's something with these guys like Pouncey, Gilbert and Hills who are athletic and strong instead of fat.

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    Hills looked good last night, athletic, quick, strong. See how he handles Haloti Ngata and the other mammoth DT's in the AFC North. Encouraging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    I think Hills will be the starting RG come week 1 vs the Ravens.....
    If he keeps up the good play they may not be able to keep him off the field. The incredible improvement from the last 2 years till now is enough to convince me. Foster and Legursky will be his main competition. Chris Scott hasn't done anything in either game so far. My money right now though is on Hills, but Foster won't make it easy.

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    I want Gilbert and Hillis in there to get some reps. Especially Gilbert.

    But..wouldn't it be something if we could run the ball on the Ravens in the first game?? Right off tackle!!

    Can you imagine our play action pass if we could run the ball on the Ravens?? Okay....I"m dreaming. haahaha
    The Steeler the only way.

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    I actually liked what I saw out of Keith Williams when he was out there. I see potential there. This was the first game that I saw Chris Scott in and was mightily unimpressed. Not too crazy about Johnathon Scott as well. Seems like a Steeler o-lineman get injured every series if not every play lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    I think Tony Hills is starting to feel comfortable and looks to be NFL quality.....Kudos to ktrain since he always did like Tony Hills.....I thought he played well at LT tonight....the ability to play multi positions along the offensive line is huge......Some times it just takes time for a player to get it and considering all the injuries Hills has had in the past its understandable....
    So the K Train was one of the very few having confidence in this player. Truly amazing.

    Rest assured, most casual fans have been really puzzled by situation since day 2. Me, I had been wondering if Hill's agent had some pictures on the FO and/or some coaches.

    If this it so that he is really got it--what a huge plus.

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