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    No, it's not black n gold lasagna, although that would be cool would it not?! I just call it Blitzburgsagna because I'm BRC after all

    Anyways, I tried making homemade lasagna the other night and it actually turned out pretty well. Normally we just go for the Stouffers premade stuff, and it's ok but I figured it was high time to try my own.

    2 jars of Garlic and Onion Ragu spaghetti sauce
    2 lbs of hamburger
    2 bags (2 cup size bags) of mozzarella shredded cheese
    2 bags (2 cup size bags) of italian blend shredded cheese
    1 small bag of pepperoni (the type you find in the deli section for homepage pizzas)
    1 box any type of lasagna noodles, we prefer the high fiber Ronzoni.
    1 pack of bacon, any type you like. Turkey bacon might taste alittle odd though but you could try it if you prefer that type.

    Brown the hamburger in a pan like you normally would, adding onion salt and garlic salt. If you prefer you can use the powder instead of salt.

    I cook the noodles first but some people don't. Just boiled them in water and alittle salt for about 10 minutes then put the first layer in the pan.

    Next add a thin layer of cooked hamburger, then cover it in sauce, add a generous layer mozzarella cheese, then a few strips of bacon.

    Next layer: noodles, then hamburger, then sauce, then cheese, then pepperoni.

    Continue alternating layers until the pan is full.

    On the very top layer before covering to cook, add one last layer of mozzarella.

    I cooked ours for about 45 minutes and it was piping hot all the way through. The last 2 minutes I took the foil off so the top layer of cheese melted.

    Add some fresh garlic bread and a nice garden salad and you've got a great family dinner.
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