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Thread: Steve McClendon, Chris Hoke, or Anthony Gray

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    Steve McClendon, Chris Hoke, or Anthony Gray

    We all know the big snack's job is secure, but the competition for his backup is pretty tight this year. In the past it was a foregone conclusion that Hoke would be backing up Hampton. With good reason too, Hoke is a solid player and does what he's asked to every game. He shows up and plays hard, doesn't stir the pot, and is a good teammate.

    This year though, McClendon is having a real good camp and so is Anthony Gray.

    Gray had 2 tackles vs. the Redskins, but overall I was watching him and he's is just a monster when you see him on the field. 6' 317 lbs, and strong as an ox. I believe they said he's one of the strongest guys on the roster right now, and that's saying something.

    Don't sleep on either of these guys to make the roster. There's only 3 backup spots usually available behind Keisel, Hampton, and Smith and we know that Hood and Heyward will take up 2 of them. I'm not saying it's going to happen but don't be surprised Hoke is the odd one out.
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