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Thread: No need for kick returners anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelersbabex25 View Post
    I honestly don't know how the people making the rules at the NFL can watch this and not think that they should change it back before the season starts. I'm actually surprised they haven't made any kind of statement about it yet.

    Players Union is maybe controlling this one???

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    The real loser with this rule is us as fans. I don't think it will hurt the Steelers cause we never have been great in kick coverage and our return game was about middle of the league. Considering those facts, it really won't effect us.

    There is no chance for it to get changed back this year once it is in place that is the end of the story, but the competition committee reviews all rule changes at the end of the season and evaluates each one. That is where it could be changed back. I don't think it is likely but I do think it is possible. If there is enough criticism from the fans and the media about this it will force them to at least take it into consideration.

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