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Thread: Not a lot of Press

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    Not a lot of Press

    Not a lot of press out here bout the Steelers. I'm sure there is in da burgh. Is that a good or bad thing? Lot's of Redskins stuff and the turds. Good to see no one on team acting to fn crazy this year. See where Goodball still holds the hammer over the fines.
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    And their fans.

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    Steelers haven't don't anything amazing or anything stupid since the NFL has came back. They've been low key. There isn't a lot of Press about the Packers either, they've been really low key as well.

    I say it's a good thing, less distractions.

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    All the press is about the teams who are winning (have won) the off-season, used to be April, now July/August Super Bowl.

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