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Thread: Is Everyboy Happy.

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    Is Everybody Happy.

    Look it's been only a week and a few days since that lock out thing a ma jig ended . Seems like months ago to me. Am I happy that phase is over. Hell yes. I can talk about football with other fans now and it makes sense. Sort of. Beats the crap out of NASCAR imo. The team generally looks headed in the right direction. All the haters are back on the grid (internet) as usual. So, your thoughts...

    There is really bad omen out there, the real boogeyman is the fn comish.
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    And their fans.

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    Im so ready for football season!!! That damn Casey Anthony trial wore me out.....33 days worth!!!

    Thanks Steelers086 for my awesome signature!!!

    Thanks for the new avatar SteelerBee!

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    I know I will get there. When the games start there is almost a pavlovian response that makes you have to see the game.
    I am still pretty cranky over how ridiculous that lock out became because the owners tried to claim they were losing money. What a joke. Now we will be able and sit back and see how the NFL lockout was ended and compare that to what happens in the NBA. I think we will see a vastly different outcome there, but I am gald it is over and the games will begin shortly.

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    [QUOTE=TampaSteelGirl;429589]Im so ready for football season!!! That damn Casey Anthony trial wore me out.....33 days worth!!! [/QUOTE
    Casey should be shot on sight ! I'm ready too

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    I'll be happy on 9/11 when the first regular season game starts and all the starters are on the field. Until then I'm not happy!! LOL..well not completely..

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