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Thread: Surprise Steelers roster cut coming?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blazedby92 View Post
    OVERRATED!!!! How long have you been watching Steeler Football?
    If he has been watching for at least the last five years or so, I would have to agree with the overrated assessment. Smith can't be an asset to the team with a blown out shoulder or torn bicep.

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    This team needs to get younger on defense and if cutting Aaron Smith helps the cap AND helps them get younger, I have no problem with it. I also wouldn't be mad if Farrior got cut as well, but he (Farrior) makes the calls on defense (as does Ryan Clark), so he MIGHT be safe.

    I just don't want to see this team get old like the that team in the 70s did and THEN rebuild, instead of rebuilding positions as needed. This is a business. I'm sure that management and the coaches LOVE these guys but they must make sacrifices for the TEAM. They can't allow their emotions dictate their decisions.

    So if Smith, Farrior, Ward, Clark, etc. or any other old vet gets cut, it's business....never personal.

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    I believe A Smith is the only one that is in line to get cut this season.... Thank you for the service!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blazedby92 View Post
    OVERRATED!!!! How long have you been watching Steeler Football?
    been a fan for 25 years .. more specifically, i have watched every single snap at least twice for the past four seasons since i got Direct-TV and before that i had like a 3 or 4 year streak of catching every game at bars so i am ready for this conversation to say the least ..

    aaron smith used to be an underrated player - but that was 5 or 6 years ago when BB came out and said it .. now he is overrated by a bunch of people who try to show football knowledge by appreciating 5 techs ..

    idc if he used to be a master of the position, his body is falling apart, his expected contributions to this team on a go-forward basis are/have been seriously exaggerated and that to me is as overrated as it gets

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    Steelers are, as of now, around 8.5 million over the cap.
    However much you think you know about football, rest assured that Skip Bayless knows more!

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    As of this morning, there are five teams over the salary cap: OAK $15.25 mil; PITT $8.5m; DET $7.8m; DALLAS $6.7m: HOUSTON $3.25m.

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    Colbert said with restructures, they are under the cap

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