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You know, you might want to stratch the Red Chimmey off the list, they went to the sewer I heard. They have a new ownership and the waitresses are bitches in there. We went there four years ago as regulars and I always had the same waitress, she was 55 years old and as diehard Steelers as you can get. She loved me. I was a golden ray of sunshine for her on Mondays and Fridays when my Father in Law took my wife and I there for lunch. We talk Steelers all the time. I miss her, wonder what she thought when the Steelers finally won the ONE FOR THE THUMB!!! She finally got to see that. She saw the 70s dynasty also.

you mentioned the Lakewood area, I`ve only been to three restaurants in that area, Wiking Lizard, Pier W , and Giovannis