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Thread: Players & Owners agree on terms; players vote unanimously to ratify new CBA deal

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    Players & Owners agree on terms; players vote unanimously to ratify new CBA deal

    Shortly before 4am on Monday EST. The Players and Owners officially agreed to terms on a new CBA deal. A conference call vote will take place at 11am EST, and the deal will be voted on and passed. At that time things will start rolling on the new season with some teams opening up their doors as early as today.

    Rumors as of this moment are that teams can start signing UDFA's and their draft picks and their own free agents as early as tomorrow with full free agency starting on Friday. More information coming as it happens when we get official timelines of when things will start including Free Agency, Signing draft picks, facilities opening up, and training camp starting.

    Update 3:00pm EST, just a few minutes ago De Smith and Roger Goodell signed the new 10 yr. CBA deal. It was presented to the Brady plaintiffs and they have accepted the deal as well. Football is back and it couldn't have come soon enough.

    Watch the press conference here
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