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Thread: 2011 predictions: Steelers could go 14-2

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    My thinking is Ben's foot is completely healed, Troy is completely healed, Aaron Smith is healthy ,we get Colon and Starks back Ziggy is more mature as is Wallace,Sanders,Brown.Everything points to an above average Offense.So as long as we don't let the secondary become an issue we should have a great season.Plus the addition of youth on defense we could be better on defense this year= 14-2

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    i would be ok with 1-15 if we finally beat the pats. and the last time we played the colts we lost at home. but we did win the sb. 13-3, rematch in the sb against the packers. i had a dream....
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    12-4 sounds good....13-3 maybe feasible.

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    This topic makes my head explode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dean Denton View Post
    i would be ok with 1-15 if we finally beat the pats. and the last time we played the colts we lost at home. but we did win the sb. 13-3, rematch in the sb against the packers. i had a dream....
    Beating the pats for once would be nice but I don't know if that would make me be ok with a 1-15 record lol. We aren't the bungles, 1-15 is never acceptable I don't care who we beat in the one game

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    I think we split with the Ravens, lose to the Pats (during the regular season but beat them in the playoffs) and lose to the Chiefs in a very tough game. 13-3. I'll take 12-4 as long as the 4th loss doesn't come against the Bungals.

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    Happy 4th everyone! I really do not put much stock into schedules to start the year. When we have a tough schedule, we do well ( SB XLIII season - we had the toughest), other years with a perceived easier schedule - we do not perform as well.

    I like to wait to October, then analyze the schedule - sort out the pretenders and contenders.

    All that said, I would say 12-4 is being very hopeful, probably 11-5 is more like it. Get that first one against the Ravens and i will feel alot better about the situation.

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    Man, I don't care what there record is as long as they keep those nail biter games to a minimum and they make it to the playoffs. I would like for once to see them destroy a team, like 36-3. That seems to never happen. Every game is just waaaayyyyy to close!

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    Its always fun to analyze the schedule before the season starts. No matter what, there are always teams that do better then everyone thinks and those teams that do worse then everyone thinks. That being said I still see our divison being a two team race, the NFC West is still a terrible divsion, I think we are as good as or better then most of the teams in the AFC South, and who knows, maybe it is finally our time to beat Manning and Brady. I think baring any major injuries we win 11 to 13 games.
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    Pats won't beat us this year!
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