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Thread: 2 Post-Gazette Articles; A case made for both Whiz & Grimm

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    2 Post-Gazette Articles; A case made for both Whiz & Grimm

    i'm to lazy to start 2 threads, and i figure they are pretty much the same but different ppl, and if i start 2 threads both of them we'll all pretty much be saying the same **** about who we want, so why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone lol

    first article:

    it's about whiz

    second article:

    about grimm

    these are two very good articles, and the more i read on grimm the more i can't stand it cause i'm trying to say **** grimm but everytime i read a new article it makes me kind of want him as our head coach lol

    at this point i am so torn between whiz and grimm, i know who ever gets the job is gonna do great, and i'm sure who ever leaves will succeed if they go to the right situation, so any team not named the raiders or cardinals will be good for either of these coaches......even though it's still not out of the question that we can still keep both on board for at least one more season....
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