I know a hamburger really doesn't need a recipe but I just wanted to pass along one of my favorite ways to make an excellent hamburger. My family spends a lot of money buying groceries from Costco so I usually start back in the meat department by buying a large pack of their pre made burgers. Note: this is fresh hamburger meat not frozen and they are very thick. Once I get the burgers home I break the burgers in half and mix in Lipton onion soup powder into the meat. I make the patty over and spread them out on a large tray and begin to brush extra virgin olive oil on both sides. I then sprinkle Montreal seasonings on both sides. I grill the burgers on low heat and just before they are finished on the grill I put a slice of pepper jack cheese on top to melt. Finish off with Heinz ketchup and any of your other favorite condiments but don't use a cheap bun go with the Pepridge Farms buns they make all the difference! Enjoy!