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Thread: NFL making plans for potentially an 8 game season

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    Exclamation NFL making plans for potentially an 8 game season

    NFL readies plans for season as short as 8 games

    By Daniel Kaplan, Staff Writer
    Published June 6, 2011, Page 1

    The NFL is considering season lengths for 2011 as short as eight regular-season games, half its normal number, as the league plans for the possibility of an abbreviated season because of the nearly three-month-long lockout, sources said. An eight-game season could start in late November...
    I think we all knew this was something the NFL was preparing for just in case. There is still plenty of time to work this out but the clock is ticking as training camps would normally start near the end of July.

    What do you all think about the option of playing an 8 game season?

    An 8 game season would be better than nothing but the potential playoff teams could be something nobody would ever expect. Or it could be something where only the veteran, top teams, even have a prayer of making it in because the young teams don't have a chance to develop their players like they normally would.

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    It would be absolutely stupid and make no sense.

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    sounds like my worst nightmare

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanRooney View Post
    It would be absolutely stupid and make no sense.
    8 game season is better than no football at all , but you cannot play the playoffs for the superbowl .

    Have to make up another trophy name , prehaps the strike bowl .

    No , it really doesnt make any sense at all .

    By the way DanRooney , that was one hell of a play by Polamalu in your avitar ,
    Troy is the only person that can make that play humanly possible .

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    I live in Columbus, OH......with the Ohio St drama and no NFL til mid November, what the @#$%! This whole thing sucks! Maybe the PIRATES can make a magical run...........

    At least it is fun watching Cleveland fans suffer as LeBron & Co. move closer to a title....

    Come on, get this deal done!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    sounds like my worst nightmare
    32teams,8 games, many 8-0,7-1,6-2,5-3,4-4 teams will make the playoffs?Sounds pretty goofy to me.Strenth of schedule would definately give some teams a better "poker hand" to make an easy ride to the playoffs.A good team could play 8 weaker teams and just mail it in. It's the Smuck Bowl
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    Ditto to everything everyone else has said. How would this even be possible? The playoffs would be longer than the irregular regular season. This whole thing is beginning to be absurd.

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    If this happens everyone should just stay home.

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    Why not just make it a six game season if you're going to go that far? Have everyone play within their division twice per team and roll with that.

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