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Thread: Players around the league beginning "unorganized" workouts

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    Players around the league beginning "unorganized" workouts

    I'm hearing reports around the league that players have taken it upon themselves to start "unorganized" workouts. I haven't heard anything about any of our Steelers doing this but I know that some of the Carolina Panthers met at a local high school today and began workouts. I wonder if this is a sign that the players think the lockout will be resolved or are they just trying to stay in top physical condition lockout or not? What do you guys think?
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    This has actually been going on all over the league for the last couple months. Various teammates gather together for workouts with conditioning coaches from college's or outsourced professional programs to stay in shape.

    I don't look for the Steelers though to officially hold team size workouts. The players have said they are content for now to just work out on their own or stay together in small groups to be able to stay in shape.

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    this just needs to get over quick... Hope they are all working themselves out is June already ... Come on

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    if it wasn't about money it would be over it will end in about 10 days when the fascist Bush appointed judges rule against the players and side with the billionaires who want to put the players into slavery

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