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Thread: Roger Goodell conference call with Steelers season ticket holders

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    It's funny though, the players were all about not doing 18 games. How bad it was, about the injuries, shorter careers, all that. Then they changed their tune and decided that it would ok if they had to do it. In the grand scheme of things I guess they figure if it comes down to playing more games or not playing at all, it's a no brainer.

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    The 18 game season comes down to the owners wanting more money, nothing else. The players or fans don't want it and it has been proven in many online polls. You risk watering down the NFL game because more of the stars will be on IR by the end of the season and you'll be watching many of the backups. There will inevitably be more meaningless games at the end of the season where teams sit their starters. I havn't really seen any good arguments for 18 games.

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    The 18 game schedule needs to go away forever...the players should vehemently oppose it...i guess there would be additional TV revenue from it because the preseason games aren't shown nationally but the steelers won't sell anymore tickets because all 10 of their games are already sold seems most of the calls for the 18 game schedule are coming from whiny season ticket holders who for one reason or another don't attend and can't sell their tickets for even face value...TOUGH SHITE give the damn tickets away..the preseason is a needed function of the league...few of the veteran players see much play time the first two games ...going to 18 games would force the veteran players to play all out for both the 2 presason games thus making it basically a 20 game regular season...and the coaches will not get to see the diamonds in the rough(middle /late round draft picks) in game situations
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