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Thread: Heinz Field is the number 5 most intimidating field.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    come on guys...steelers cant have #1 everything for every list of rankings that come out.

    take off the steeler sunglasses for a second, 5 is a good ranking lol
    Yes we can, seriously TRS was much more intimidating than Heinz field.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    The most intimidating place to play, hands down, is Baltimore...I mean seriously, how much more intimidating can you get than a purple stadium filled with 70,000 people wearing purple on their way to a Barney festival!
    Oh, I was thinking because of all the murderers that they have on the field, let alone in the stands..

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    I just can't stand even walking into that stadium even for a Steelers game. I mean seriously everything is purple and everybody is running around in bird costumes. I know it's loud for games and all but you just can't take those fans seriously at all!

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    Nothing goes into these lists except for the fact that when you win consistenty and play well at home like all good teams do, then your place is intimidating for visitors. Nothing more to it.

    I can say from my own personal experience that Giant Stadium is overrated and Im not even sure where they are on this list. No football vibe at all there. They call for security if you stand up and cheer. Awful. Give me Pit, Philly, Chicago, Oakland, Kc, etc. My opinion.

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    I'm surprised Heinz Field is in the top five really....Only reason I can think of is since so many NFL coaches/players complain about the grass when weather conditions turn foul and really make the playing surface difficult to play........

    Until the Tomlin era the Steelers never won an AFC title game at Heinz Field.......I easily would have Qwest Field, Arrowhead, Gillette, Invesco Field, Lambeau ahead of Heinz............

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    You left out the moronic fireworks and Ray Ray's hideous (Elaine from Seinfeld) pre game dance. Baltimore is just a dump with a tremendous inferiority complex. Crappy ghetto music, and more filler garbage than the ice capades.

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