There were some good things to say about the Mainstay Suites in Pittsburgh, but a few things that would keep me away in the future.

Good things -

-Couch was comfortable
-Kitchen was good size
-Having a full size refrigerator/freezer was a huge plus to hold all that beer and food.
-HD television in the room.
-Rooms were decent sized.
-Wifi access was solid and had good speeds.

Bad things -

-Beds were ROCK hard. When I say rock hard I mean beyond Rock hard.
-No daily maid service to atleast come and pick up the towels and leave fresh ones. We had to call to the front desk to have them picked up each day and new ones brought down.
-Not many channels on the TV. Not a biggie but still would have been nice to have NFL Network.
-Sofa bed was way more comfortable than the real beds.
-Continental breakfast was subpar. For a place like the Mainstay Suites, designed for people generally staying longer than a night or 2 you would think their breakfast would be alittle more robust.

What do you guys think? Honestly the horrible beds are enough for me to go elsewhere next year. I literally didn't sleep more than 8 hours the whole 3 nights we were there, combined.

Now some of that was Nova's snoring (and other bodily actions that will remain nameless), me being sick, and just generally accomodating 6 people per room all with various sleeping habits and bed times. Overall though, I can't see me staying there next year because those beds were just beyond hard.