All my hardwork over the last year is now over...i got to see some of my favorite players go to teams i hate, got to see players i think will fail go to teams i think they will certainly fail with (Dalton) and overall im extremely happy with the steelers 2011 draft. Not flashy by any means but 3 starters down the road at the very least and 3 of my favorite players in the draft to see in a steelers uniform.

I do this every year, and yes...Cameron Heyward was on my last years one...check out this thread for some awesome posts from 2010 about 2011

Not in any particular order, just some names to let sink in for the upcoming year

Mike Brewster C/G OSU - would be the final chapter to a monumental change from below average to elite oline

Jayron Hosely CB Va Tech - Not the biggest guy but is simply terrific in coverage...dont need big, physical corners if the ball never gets close to them

Don'ta hightower MLB Bama - A hammer in the middle...imo a better physical prospect than rolando mcclain, not quite the football player though

Dwayne Allen TE Clemson - I think TE is going to be a need soon, hes one of the better ones available in the 2012 draft...good pass catcher

Ray Ray Armstrong FS Miami - Huge FS, but is going to be a special player...been on teams radars since high school

Alameda Ta'amu NT Washington- Probably a mid round guy but will likely be one of the better NT prospect next year (not looking like a great year for them)

Kenny Tate FS Maryland - Pretty much the same size as Armstrong, next years safety class will liekly put this years to shame

David Paulson TE Oregon - Same idea as Allen

Blair Walsh K Georgia - Gonna put the best college kicker on the steelers radar until further notice

Feel free to add guys