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Thread: Grading the Steelers 2011 draft

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    Grading the Steelers 2011 draft

    What do you guys think? I know it's hard to tell since it's so early and who knows how these guys will pawn out. I feel we addressed some needs for sure. Oline and secondary. I think Heyward was a good pick. But I wasn't expecting him as a first rounder. I was hoping Pouncey (which Miami got him). I was hoping we'd get a good cb. I don't know much about the guys we drafted. But I was thinking we'd get one in the first round. Our secondary needs help. Like I said never been a big Ike Taylor fan, however we must keep him now. McFadden became awful. Not big on Gay either.

    Didn't really feel we needed more linebackers. Woodley and Timmons are still young.
    Yes our guys are getting older and upgrades are needed. I'm ngiving it an A- or b +.
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    I say a solid B. No corners worthy of what they got drafted other than Peterson . Amukamara was a legit 1st and Smith was a 2nd rounder in most other drafts.We dont need corner depth, we need some one to step up the level of play opposite Ike. Pouncey was about the only player worth trading up for. DE was the position of most need on this team. We're set for this year with Hood, Diesel, Smith and Eason. We could lose all 3 old guys plus Hampton in the next 2-3 years. Which is why i take away points for not grabbing a NT. I dont know how they resign Hoke unless he takes a large pay cut to stay here! I like that we didnt waste a pick on WR cause we have ALOT of competition there already. The late round picks are typical Steelers picks and most likely wont contribute or make this team. I didnt understand the RB Batch in the seventh. I, Like K-Train would've taken Noelle Devine for his REDICULOUS speed. Or a Dion Lewis (eagles 5th rounder) who was a work horse at Pitt and a good recieving option! Overall i LOVED the first 4 rounds, could care less about anything after that!

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    I loved our draft. I was really hoping for a CB in the 1st but I think the Steelers knew that Brown would be there in the 3rd and felt he was as good as anyone they could have gotten earlier. For the past few years we have drafted at least 2 guys that have turned out to be really big parts of this team within their first 2 years. I cannot wait to see this draft class contribute and make an impact. If Gilbert turns out to be a solid player and Starks and Colon come back 100% then our O line COULD be an asset instead of a liability for the first time since 2005. This almost scares me, will Ben even know what to do if we give him 5-6 seconds to throw without having to dodge the blitz? With Sanders, Brown, Wallace, Ward, and Heath he can easily find an open man and we can finally run the kind of O that BA has envisioned. Heyward seems to be a perfect fit for our system and we can bring him along slowly. Along with Ziggy we only need a NT to secure an elite D line for the next generation. The Citadel CB that we drafted is simply a project, as long a Crezdon turns out to be as good as I think he can be and we bring back Ike, our D will be super solid and we can give the newbie 2 years on the practice squad and see if his perfect sized body can be developed into a starter. I'm sooooo ready for full speed football, bring on the Ravens on 9/11!!!!!!
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    2011 Draft: Steals and Reaches
    Story Highlights
    The Saints should be well-satisfied with defensive lineman Cameron Jordan
    Randall Cobb looks to be the multi-positional threat who will aid the Packers
    The Titans could have done better than picking QB Jake Locker in Round 1
    By Tony Pauline, Special to,

    The Saints may have the steal of the draft after taking Cameron Jordan in Round 1.
    Chris Trotman/Getty Images Sport

    The book is closed on the 2011 NFL Draft as 254 players were selected over the seven rounds. As is the case every year, there were some head-scratching moments as highly-rated prospects slipped through the cracks while several were selected much earlier than their talents warranted. Here's a look at the steals and reaches:

    Cameron Jordan/DL/New Orleans/No. 24: NFL teams went to extremes to downgrade Jordan, yet he was nothing but dominant on the college level. New Orleans comes away with the steal of the draft as Jordan should immediately produce as a rookie.
    Prince Amukamara/CB/NY Giants/No. 19: Critics went out of their way to manufacture holes in Amukamara's game that were nonexistent. Many claimed he lacked elite speed and could not cover fast receivers yet at the combine Amukamara timed 4.3 in the forty. He will be an immediate starter for the Giants.
    Nick Fairley/DL/Detroit/No. 13: Fairley was considered a potential top three choice just a month ago but a shoulder injury and character questions suppressed his draft grade. Fairley did nothing but produce on the field in 2010 and he'll be a terrific addition for the Lions blossoming defense.
    Cameron Heyward/DL/Pittsburgh/No. 31: Heyward was never a flashy player on the college level rather just a steady lineman that did the little things well. He's a great fit for the Steelers and was a bargain late in round one.
    Randall Cobb/WR/Green Bay/Round 2/No. 64: Cobb was rated as a late first round pick on a number of boards yet his lack of pure speed ended up pushing him deep into the second round. He'll produce for the Packers at receiver, punt returner and can run the occasional reverse.
    Leonard Hankerson/WR/Washington/Round 3/No. 79: Hankerson's inconsistency and untimely drops pushed him into the third round, yet he possesses the physical skills to be a productive second wide out on the NFL level. He will immediately help the receiver needy Redskins.
    Allen Bailey/DL/Round 3/Kansas City/No. 86: Character concerns and a senior year that did not meet expectations knocked Bailey out of the first round, but his drop into the third round is without justification. He'll be a terrific fit as a two-gap end in the Chiefs' defense and could eventually move in with the first team.
    Sam Acho/DE-OLB/Arizona/Round 4/No. 103: Acho was a productive defensive end in college and turned in several good workouts before the draft. He'll need some time to adjust to outside linebacker in the Cardinals' 3-4 alignment, but offers the franchise a future starter at the position.
    Roy Helu/RB/Washington/Round 4/No. 105: Helu was the second skill player the Redskins chose in round four. He's a triple threat running back who will compete for the starting position.
    Christian Ballard/DL/Minnesota/Round 4/No. 106: Off-the-field red flags and on-the-field intensity concerns pushed Ballard into the draft's third day. When he's running on all cylinders, Ballard is a defensive lineman with the ability to impact the game in a number of schemes.
    Kendall Hunter/RB/San Francisco/Round 4/No. 115: Hunter was downgraded as he lacks classic NFL size, yet his game is comparable in many ways to Pro Bowl player Leon Washington. Coincidentally, Washington was also a fourth-round selection.
    Chris Carter/OLB/Pittsburgh/Round 5/No. 162: Pittsburgh always finds a way to harvest good pass rushers and Carter happened to be top-100 talent. He offers the style and substance to play in the Steelers system and is a player that can produce as a rookie.
    Jerrell Powe/DT/Kansas City/Round 6/No. 199: Powe had a litany off the field issues as well as character questions which pushed him deep into the draft yet the big-bodied lineman has starting potential. The Chiefs may have found their future nose tackle.
    Chris Neild/NT/Washington/Round 7/No. 253: The fact Neild was the second-to-last player selected is mind-blowing. He's a 320-pound slugger who brings his lunch pail to work every day and is a prospect coaches will love. Don't be surprised if he's starting by the end of his rookie season.

    Jake Locker/QB/Tennessee/No. 8: Since his poor performance at the Senior Bowl, Locker's draft stock has been on the upswing. Yet this was much too early for a quarterback who still has numerous questions surrounding his accuracy and signal-caller skills.
    Christian Ponder/QB/Minnesota/No. 12: Ponder is a solid quarterback when he's healthy, but has struggled to stay on the field the past two years. Considering the available talent on the board at positions such as defensive line, this was a panic choice by the Vikings.
    Shane Vereen/RB/New England/Round 2/No. 56: Vereen is a solid ballcarrier, yet has no outstanding single skill. If the Patriots were looking for a situational running back, there were several higher-rated players available at this selection.
    Jonas Mouton/LB/San Diego/Round 2/No. 61: Mouton was a solid linebacker at Michigan, but scouts questioned his instincts and were concerned about his 4.8 forty time at the combine. Many also think he's better suited to play in a 4-3 alignment versus the 3-4 employed by the Chargers.
    Akeem Dent/LB/Atlanta/Round 3/No. 91: Dent will be a hometown favorite after playing his college ball at Georgia, yet he's a slow, two-down run defender who would have been available late in the draft.
    Chris Prosinski/S/Jacksonville/Round 4/No. 121: Prosinski was a tough, run-defending safety in college, yet he's too one-dimensional for the NFL and his next level skills are reminiscent of a free agent.

    Read more:

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    IMO it's like going shipping and coming home with exactly what you needed.

    I can't find anything bad to say about it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    IMO it's like going shipping and coming home with exactly what you needed.

    I can't find anything bad to say about it...
    lets sign NA or steal the bengals Joseph or ravens Wilson and sign Ike.

    keep the new tall CB's Butler 6' Brown 6' Allen almost 6'2'

    dump the rest. goto the SB. we are ready for the rematch

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    Solid B. They drafted to low to really trade up and make a splash as the Browns did, who probably had their best draft (and did they need it) in a decade. Just crossing my fingers that the thug the Ravens drafted number one either gets busted again, beats his girlfriend, or steals a stereo, or gets pulled over with a handgun before the season starts.

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    trade up, PAH! As far as grades lets wait 3 or 4 years and then deal out grades when its more responsible to do so. Liking the draft is fine but grading the draft is dangerous as these players have yet to sign a contract, take a practice snap/rep, or play an NFL down in a game. Lets hold our horses and let things pan out how ever they will.

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    Grade of B

    If these guys can play well or make a Probowl in a year or three, then this goes to an
    A or A+

    FYI Noel Devine is an undrafted free agent maybe Pitt gets him fro next to nothing!!!
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    Hard to grade a draft just after it. I agree with Latrobe. We went to the store and got the items on the list and I can't really argue with that.

    They picked up 3 offensive linemen in the last 2 years. They got youth and depth for the defensive line (in Ironhead Jr and Ziggy). The only thing I could say is that CB was such a huge need that waiting until the 3rd round could come back to bite them in the back side.

    Analysts have graded it favorably though. Mel Kiper gave them a B+. He said they got good value everywhere and filled in some needs.
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