What do you guys think? I know it's hard to tell since it's so early and who knows how these guys will pawn out. I feel we addressed some needs for sure. Oline and secondary. I think Heyward was a good pick. But I wasn't expecting him as a first rounder. I was hoping Pouncey (which Miami got him). I was hoping we'd get a good cb. I don't know much about the guys we drafted. But I was thinking we'd get one in the first round. Our secondary needs help. Like I said never been a big Ike Taylor fan, however we must keep him now. McFadden became awful. Not big on Gay either.

Didn't really feel we needed more linebackers. Woodley and Timmons are still young.
Yes our guys are getting older and upgrades are needed. I'm ngiving it an A- or b +.