I wanted brown bad in the second....i was on the edge of my seat during the 3rd round and as he fell further i got more and more excited. i knew once the steelers were on the clock he had to be the pick (otherwise i would have been furious)

Since teammate Aaron Williams was a popular pick for the steelers in the first round im gonna analyze all the texas DBs really quick. Aaron williams to me was the best overall football player on the texas roster, hed be a CB on some teams, a FS on some but overall he was the superior football player and just an all around good defensive back. Curtis brown is definitely the best pure CB out of the bunch, 6-0 185 pounds he showed great technique and smooth transitions in drills at the combine and imo was only second to Brandon Harris as far as CB drills went. Chykie Brown was the best athlete of the 3, but has a long way to go as being a pro CB.

Harris has ideal quickness and agility to step in as a rookie and get playing time as a nickel back. Gay is likely on his way out the door and Brown should be able to step right in for him. His quickness will help cover guys like welker, jackson, bess, and the sneakier slot WRs that gay and mcfadden had trouble with in the solt role. I would project Ike as LCB, Mcfadden/Butler splitting time as RCB, and Brown/Butler splitting time as NB in 2012.

Tremendous value in the 3rd round, imo about 4 CBs went before him who were inferior talents. I think hes got a future as a starter on the team, his quickness and technique give us the best man to man cover guy on our roster in brown. Im really really excited about the steelers top 3 picks, i woud not be able to fine a better combination of 3 picks that would have been better. good overall weekend to be a steeler fan, but the steelers front office walks away with the most impressive first 3 rounds ive ever seen them put together...watch some videos of brown..you'll probably be excited to know that our next CB can catch!

I expect Lewis and Gay to be on their way out as a result of this, and i wont be shedding any tears over it.