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well i hope no one would say newton if teams are smart he will drop out of the first round he has russell /campbell written all over him this guy has had people at his feet since high school even his dad and a lot of people said that campbell was a better qb at auburn than newton hes the tim tebow of this draft only i think tebow will end up at tight end or specials newton will never start in the nfl .nfl,com is reporting that carolina is looking to sell this pick is it worth 4 or 5 picks or some players
newton will certainly be a starter, i think hes gonna be successful as long as hes got the right coaches around him...hes like jamarcus and young tied into one, i do think he'll be better than both of them and even if hes never great im sure he'll show flashes of greatness.

hes really not THAT much unlike roethlisberger, just got a little more straight line speed