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Thread: K Train's 2 round mock

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    well greg just took some plane tickets and jewelery .. he never was ruled ineligible academically or quit the team which is a bigger red flag imo ..

    a 6'3 230 LB version of Percy Harvin ..

    i think he is a better prospect than demaryius thomas, kenny britt, crabtree and maybe harvin (absent migraines) were if you just look at tape and measurables BUT you have to buy into him picking up all the small stuff at the WR position ..

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    crabtree was a pretty elite project...borderline elite at least.

    id put him on par with britt, marshall, mike williams, hakeem the dream, and even boldin who was a 2nd rounder. its just tough to take a guy like that in the first even though looking bad in 3 years we'll still call everyone idiots for passing on him

    percy was just an amazing prospect imo for what he is...a do it all bad boy
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    I like it but think the Steelers might like James Carpenter better because he's projected for the left or right tackle. Cannon is Right Tackle or Guard and I wouldn't mind taking Greg Little in the 2nd, Dline or oline in 3rd or 4th.

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