Ok, was not going to start this tonight. But I jsut thought I would share a quick and simple recipe. It is always a favorite and I am requested to make it almost anytime we are gathering. So simple even you MEN can throw it together.

Frozen Bread Dough
Thin sliced sandwich pepperoni
Thin sliced Cooper sharp cheese from the deli (any sharp cheese will do, but this is my fav)

Rub Frozen bread dough with oil, let sit at room temp until thawed and risen
Roll out bread dough with rolling pin, into a rectangle
layer with think slices of pepperoni
then layer with cheese
leaving a 1/4 inch margin on edges
Roll length ways liek a jelly roll
pinch edges well to seal
spread with softened butter and sprinkle with garlic powder adn parmesan cheese
bake until golden brown, about 30-45 mins

SLice into pinwheels and ENJOY!!!!

I usually make 3 of these at a time.