I'm not going to sit hear and say the Steelers should pick "A": but to me there are nine people I wouldn't mind seeing in a Steelers uniform that fall:

With Hampton and Hoke over 30 and with Hoke contact up now and Hampton's next year, it may be time for the Steelers to find there replacement:

Stephen Paea: 6'2" and 300 lbs is compared to Niginta from the Ravens: Now that could because they both went to Oregon State, but from all I read he has the flexiablity to play NT in a 3-4 or DT in a 4-4

Phil Taylor: 6'3" 334 lbs Like Hampton is the inmovable object in the middle: I now he has some medical issures with his foot, but those issue have not hinder him so far.

B-man was not was bad as many in Steelers Nation made him out to be, by injuries and the play of Gay made things worst: I'm not going to consire myself with Peterson or Amukamara becasue there no way the Steelers will have a opperunity at them:

Jimmy Smith: 6'2" 211 lbs: Typical Steeler corner: and the best cover corner left after the 1st two. I know he has some charter issues, but could you see: Smith and hopefully Smith with B-Mac or Bulter manning the slot.

Aaron Williams: 6'0" 204 lbs: again has the size and speed that Steelers like and has the flexablity to move to safety if needed:

Brandon Harris: 5'9" 191 lbs: smaller then the Steelers like for their outside corners, but will be an upgrade for the nickle CB which normally covers the slot WR or TE: but do you draft a CB in round one that is a nickle corner?

There are only two guards that have 1st round grades, and althrough everyone keeps talking about replacing the RG, I think the inconsistenty of the LG needs to be looked at also: I like Foster at RG more the Kemo at LG:

Mike Pouncey: 6'5" 303 lbs: I don't know is his name was Mike Smith, if I would feel the same way about this guy, but to see the Pouncey brother back together again could be fun: BUT if drafted by the Steelers, I don't expect him to be his brother as far as his impact on this team.

Danny Watkins: 6'4" 310: plays with a mean streak, but will be 27 by the time the season starts. if he was 21 I would choose him over Pouncey. But the Steelers (Tomlin) loves to draft younger guys and if Watkins was drafted he would be 33+ when his rookie deal is over.

Because of Age/ Injuried and protental FA: this is were the Steelers need to address. I for one liked the way J. Scott played at the end of the year, but I not ready to say he is the tackle of the future for the black and gold. Starks / Adam /Colon are the projected starters at tackle right now: but retirement of and new CBA could change everything.

Gabe Carimi: 6'7" 314 lbs: he is my choice, if he fall into the 20+ I think the Steelers should move up o get him, even if it cost them there 3rd rounder this year. I perfer him over Castonzo and Smith this year.

Darek Sherrod: 6'6" 321 lbs: he is my choice if the Steelers STAY at 31. the others will be gone and considering the Steelers next pick will not be until 62 there should be no one there "projected" to be able to step in right away.