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Thread: Tampa may change our plans at #31 for CB

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    Tampa may change our plans at #31 for CB

    Three good points in this one... tomlin has a quote also.

    Potent aerial attacks shift NFL draft strategy
    By IRA KAUFMAN | The Tampa Tribune

    For the next week, virtually every discussion with NFL executives concerning the upcoming draft will include the phrase, "best available athlete.''

    Don't believe it.

    With NFL scoring, completion percentages and touchdown catches at an all-time high, the overarching storyline of the 2011 draft is all about heading quarterbacks off at the pass.

    "What you will have here is a debate between a pass rusher or a corner,'' Texans general manager Rick Smith said. "Some people will say the corner is more important. Some people will say the pass rusher is more important. I think most people will identify those positions as most important. You've got to get after the quarterback and you've got to have guys who can run and cover.''

    In an era that keeps devising new rules to promote scoring, league executives can't help but notice that sacks are down, touchdown passes are up and defensive coordinators are constantly reaching for the Maalox.

    That's why LSU's Patrick Peterson has a legitimate chance to become the first cornerback selected No.‚€‰1 overall since the common draft began in 1967. The 2-14 Carolina Panthers, playing in an NFC South Division that boasts dynamic quarterbacks Drew Brees, Josh Freeman and Matt Ryan, have to consider a 6-foot, 218-pound corner who can run the 40 in 4.34 and is adept at returning punts.

    "You saw what happened with the Jets and how important it is to have a guy (like Darrelle Revis) who can take the other team's best receiver and shut that guy down,'' Titans coach Mike Munchak said.

    Another cornerback, Nebraska's Prince Amukamara, is also expected to be off the board within the first dozen picks as clubs try to bolster their secondaries against the spread of spread offenses.

    According to ESPN, NFL teams used three or more wide receivers on 48.2 percent of snaps in 2010. When clubs employ three-wide sets or flank out a scatback, it's imperative that defensive fronts apply heat to throw off a quarterback's timing.

    "It all starts with the men up front,'' Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said. "You look at how players are drafted and it bears that out. Big people go first. If you're applying pressure to the quarterback, you don't have to cover.''

    A dozen defensive linemen could be chosen in the first round, and teams that play a 4-3 alignment are looking at an intriguing list of defensive ends that includes North Carolina's Robert Quinn, Wisconsin's J.J. Watt, Missouri's Aldon Smith, Purdue's Ryan Kerrigan and Cal's Cameron Jordan.

    "Everybody needs pass rushers,'' Jets coach Rex Ryan said. "We were eighth in the league last year in sacks and third in the league in defense, and we need pass rushers."

    The two clubs that met in the Super Bowl, Green Bay and Pittsburgh, combined for 95 sacks last season. Only the Broncos (23) had fewer than Tampa Bay's 26 sacks.

    After selecting defensive tackles with their first two picks in 2010, the Bucs are expected to seek an upgrade at defensive end next week.

    Given Ronde Barber's age (36) and the uncertainty surrounding Aqib Talib's legal issues ‚€” he faces a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in Texas ‚€” an impact corner also could be a priority for the Bucs.

    "Some of these teams are throwing the ball 670 times a year, and you've got guys like (Saints running back) Reggie Bush that line up all over the field,'' ESPN analyst and former Bucs coach Jon Gruden said. "You have to have a number of defensive backs that can match up, and you don't ever have enough of 'em.''

    Peterson and Amukamara almost certainly will be gone unless Tampa Bay trades up from No.‚€‰20, the spot where the Bucs drafted Talib in 2008. Gruden also singled out Colorado's Jimmy Smith and Aaron Williams of Texas as corners who are likely to be chosen in the first round.

    The Bucs haven't boasted a difference maker at defensive end since Simeon Rice hurt his shoulder in 2006, ending a streak of five consecutive seasons with double-digit sacks.

    "The NFL's evolution into a passing league has altered the way defensive coaches approach the draft,'' said analyst Bucky Brooks, a former NFL defensive back. "Rather than build their units under the premise of being strong in the middle, teams place greater emphasis on the edges."

    --- Added 4/21/2011 at 08:48 AM ---

    this quote...

    "The NFL's evolution into a passing league has altered the way defensive coaches approach the draft,'' said analyst Bucky Brooks, a former NFL defensive back. "Rather than build their units under the premise of being strong in the middle, teams place greater emphasis on the edges."

    This change will bring back power running games in the next years. FB's will be back..

    Tomlin quote is obvious, we have no top of the draft CB's

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    most bucs fans i talk to want pouncey #1 and then houston or kerrigan if he is not avail ..

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