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1. If the lockout isn't lifted before April 28 and the Steelers are unable to re-sign unrestricted free agent cornerback Ike Taylor, should they reach for a cornerback in the first round, even if the cornerbacks available at No. 31 don't have first-round ratings?
The Steelers should be looking for a corner first and foremost. I felt that the three biggest positions of need were defensive line (because it's getting old), offensive line and corner. However, the OLine played decent at the end of last year. Ziggy helped reduce the age on the DLine, but that's still a concern. But they desperately need an really good corner.

However, if there isn't a first round rated corner at 31, they shouldn't over reach just to draft that position. If there is a first round rated lineman (OL or DL) or even a safety, I'd take them instead. Or, I'd trade down out of the first round, pick up another pick, and then look for that same guy in the 2nd round.