Mike MAyock said that Scouts have told him that MArcus Gilbert is an early round 2 late rd 1. If the steelers cant get Mike Pouncey what do you think about taking the 6st best Tackle in the draft Marcus Gilbert? Would you Trade out of the round and take him in the upper 2nd round?
I like marcus gilbert and if they're going to reach for a lineman at the end of rd just to fill that spot then Gilbert is who I want. However,I'd Trade out of rd 1 and pick him up plus extra picks.
Teams that might look to get back into rd 1. Bills,Arizona,Cincy,Tenn,Minn & SanFran.
I like the scenarios with Tenn,Minn & San Fran. San Fran gives us a 2nd & Two 4ths plus 6 or 7 but I'd ask for T Gibson back.
Tenn & Minn 2nds,4ths,5th,s
Ari,Bills,Cincy 2nd 6st.
What do you think?