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Thread: Steeler heavy pro-days

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    Steeler heavy pro-days

    Tomlin and Lebeau visited Heyward's Pro-Day .. ...So with this and the entourage that was at Miami and Texas it looks like you could argue Heyward, Williams and Harris are likely targets in round 1 ... brown is a popular pick in the 2nd ..

    apparently MT went to LSU as well .. so i would say they might be looking at Franklin, McCarthy, Hankerson, Tolliver, Sheppard, Barksdale and Acho ..

    out of those names i am really only excited about the 1st round targets because i feel some of the guys in the second paragraph will be overdrafted .. the lsu guys could all end up to be best value later on imo..

    those are the visits i could find .. anybody know of any others or like any of those names?
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