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Thread: Want vs. Need

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    hes got some great body control, hes got some of the best hands in the draft, hes just raw as **** and im not exactly sure what his karakter konsernz are but not playing this year really hurt him cause hes got 1st round talent.

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    This is the best I could do because I want us to address needs and most of my opinion is based on what I have read about the prospects. I don't want us to reach and I hope we fill needs in every round (doesn't everybody)?

    What about a RB with pass catching ability mid-rounds or big target WR late? Of course, everything depends on who is left on the board.

    If we got into mid rounds and a pass catching or change of pace back RB was available (perhaps Quizz Rogers or Demarco Murray). I can't think of anyone esle who would fit the bill this year.

    It sounds like Little has been telling some fibs during his interviews and he may drop further than some think. What Austin Pettis late?

    RB (part 2)
    K, I know you like Noel Devine and I left his name off purposely up above. I figured you would probably be wondering how many times you have to mention his name for people figure out how much you like this guy. I thought about saying that we should reach for one of those two RBs in the second round, but I figured that would just send you around the bend.

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    shane vereen is a real interesting guy in the passing game ..

    the WR we need to take in the late rounds is Kamar Aiken from UCF .. i will go on record and say he is the most underrated WR in the draft...

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