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Thread: Blitzburgh Radio Steelers Podcast Resources

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    Blitzburgh Radio Steelers Podcast Resources

    Want to get Blitzburgh Radio as soon as each show is loaded up?
    Want to listen on your smart phone?
    Want to download and listen on your MP3 player?
    Want to listen on itunes?

    We've got you covered! You can access the Blitzburgh Radio Podcasts in several different ways!

    1. Check the Blitzburgh Radio page here on SteelerAddicts often to find out when a new show is loaded up. You can also check this archive forum for past shows to listen to anytime you like. (best way by far, hey we're not afraid to pimp ourselves out if it helps you right?! Besides we enjoy your interaction on the site)
    2. Follow us on Twitter and you'll be notified when they are loaded up.
    3. Facebook - We always post up our Podcasts on our Facebook page.
    4. Android App - download the SA app for android phones from the market and you'll be notified every time a podcast is loaded up.
    5. RSS - subscribe to our RSS feed for Blitzburgh Radio and once we load it up you'll have access to it
    6. You can subscribe via itunes on the Radio page as well

    So see, there's tons of ways to stay in the know with SA! Take your choice or try them all!
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