We've all been questioning that, the feeling you get with him in charge is that he's taking the game away from the fans. As a commissioner he has the power to make teams to pretty much whatever he wants. The players don't like what he's doing, the fans don't, and we don't know how many owners voice their opinion against him.

The only way the NFL would ever listen to us fans would be if we somehow actually boycotted the games and merchandise for awhile. That would get their attention because it would hit them right in their wallet, which is all they care about anymore. That will never happen though because Goodell knows the NFL is the most popular sport in the country hands down and there's too many people that just wouldn't bother.

He talks a good game with his fan chats online, and his visits with the fans when he goes to training camp or games, but you know in the end nothing will change unless it benefits them financially.