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Thread: Harbaugh: Ravens 'gave' two games to Steelers last season

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    Harbaugh: Ravens 'gave' two games to Steelers last season

    Ravens coach John Harbaugh told fans on Wednesday that he thinks about beating the Pittsburgh Steelers “every single day, in all honesty.”
    He also made another admission about the AFC North rival.
    “I’ve said it before, and people in Pittsburgh got upset, but I feel like we gave them the game twice this year,” Harbaugh said this week. “We should have beaten them three times, and that’s on us. That’s our fault.”

    The Ravens beat the Steelers, 17-14, in the first meeting on a last-minute, game-winning touchdown from Joe Flacco. But the Ravens lost the last two times against Pittsburgh despite leading in the second half in both games.
    In a 13-10 loss to the Steelers in December, Flacco was stripped in the fourth quarter by safety Troy Polamalu, which led to Pittsburgh’s game-winning touchdown in the final minutes of the game. In the 31-24 loss at Pittsburgh in the playoffs, the Ravens turned the ball over three times on seven offensive snaps to squander a 14-point halftime lead.
    “The one thing that Pittsburgh has done better than the Ravens the last three years is they found ways to win that game,” Harbaugh said. “They made the plays they needed to make in the critical moments to win those games.”
    I love the fact that this *** crack has nightmares about us...... I got news for him. He's gonna give 2 away this year. 3 if they make the playoffs.

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    Harbaugh has an excuse for everything. He'll say the right things when the game is over and be politically correct but afterwards he'll talk about how they lost it and we didn't win it. He's known for that and has been since he got to Baltimore.

    Woulda, coulda, shoulda, the fact is the ravens did NOT win and we did BEAT them and we knocked them out of the playoffs 2 out of the last 3 years!

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    Harbaugh is a POS, but showed a little more class this past season than most...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    Harbaugh is a POS, but showed a little more class this past season than most...
    More class? No way. I remember him saying he was glad Ben got his nose broke and he trashed Harrison for "not being able to follow the rules" on national television (even though his players got two fines that game...). He is a piece of sh*t, you got that right, but he did not show class this year. He consistently talks sh*t about the Steelers and he's a double standard b*tch.
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    what a punk *** bitch!!!!!

    here's a crying towel for your lame excuses!!!!

    you got beat
    deal with it and quit your whinning!!!
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    I feel the Ravens and Steelers are pretty evenly matched. The difference is obvious, the quarterback. If the Ravens have Big Ben, guess what, they win a lot more of those games. But guess what, they don't. The Ravens have a robot that has great skills, but lacks leadership, emotion, and charisma. The team carries Flacco, he does not carry his team, as Roethlisberger does. Hell, a lesser skilled quarterback with more drive has a much better chance of winning against the Steelers than Flacco and his monotone approach to the game. He has no X factor. His effect on the game is predictable, one has no idea what kinds of ways Ben will find to win a game.

    Living in Baltimore I am subjected to Harbaugh running his mouth all of the time on local radio and TV. Oddly enough, when he first arrived I kinda' liked him. He seemed humble and respectful. However, as his first season wore on, it was obvious he was a perfect fit for the Ravens. A trash talking, self-entitled, pompous whining cry-baby.

    Oh yeah, and if you don't want to lose in the closing seconds of the game, keep your 3 touchdown lead until the end. One could argue the Steelers gave the Ravens that first game when they lost in the closing seconds of the game. I pray there is a season next year, and the Steelers kick the Ravens in the teeth all over again.
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    I love it that Black and Gold swirls through his head on a daily basis!

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    I really love this:

    The Ravens beat the Steelers, 17-14, in the first meeting on a last-minute, game-winning touchdown from Joe Flacco.
    He fails to mention the Steelers played with Dixon as QB.
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    Harbaugh: The Steelers own us.

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