If we have a New CBA I'd like to see the following Draft Day Trades and Free agent signings.
Marcus Spears DE
Vernon Ghoulston ( we can get the best out of him)
Fabion Washington
Marshal Yanda & or Jared Gathier

Draft Day Trades
CHris K Bears 1st, Bills 2nd rd, Dangle to Eagle for 1st or swap, ANybody's Early rd 2 pick
Max Starks bears 1st or others 2nd rounder
Ryan Clark to Arizona 2nd/3rd rounder or 4th rd & swap of 2nd rd

Re sign Tony Hills or hope some else signs him and that gives us a 4th
Re sign William Gay he's getting better and know the system( especially if we trade clark)
Sign & trade Dennis Dickson If your not going to give him a shot, get something for him.
Keep lines of communication open with Willie Colon He may not be as valuable to others on the open market.

What do you think?