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Thread: Tiki Barber seems interested in the Steelers

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    The only way we use this Barber on the team is when 99 gets his beard cut next year!

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    Zachingtosh is going to kick his dog again for this thread,LOL. WHY would we even consider this, NO THANK YOU
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    Quote Originally Posted by lloydfan4life View Post
    You beat me to it. After reading the first few posts in this thread I was thinking I'd like to see Merrill in pads again.
    The way those hyenas are laughing i'm thinking they're thinking outside football pads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chisteeler View Post
    The only way we use this Barber on the team is when 99 gets his beard cut next year!
    um he already did... for charity
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    Well can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which ones fills up first.....

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    id rather have hershel walker...that would be way more badass of a comeback

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    id rather have hershel walker...that would be way more badass of a comeback
    I dunno if you watch MMA, but Herschel Walker is still a physical freak. 2-0 so far...

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    Tiki Barber to Steelers?

    All signs point to Barber landing with Steelers or Buccaneers
    Giants BlogBy PAUL SCHWARTZ

    Last Updated: 7:44 AM, May 5, 2011

    Posted: 3:22 AM, May 5, 2011

    More Print Tiki Barber is getting in shape for the NFL season, presuming there is one, and once the lockout is lifted needs to find a team, as the Giants already have stated they will release his rights so he can move on.

    “I’ll be somewhere where I know the people, know the staff,” Barber said. “It will be a team that needs some veteran leadership or just needs a little push or needs somebody they can count on to fit a role.”

    Barber has strong ties to coaches Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh), Raheem Morris (Tampa Bay, where his twin brother Ronde is a cornerback) and Sean Payton (New Orleans). Given that the Saints drafted Mark Ingram, figure Barber’s next uniform will be Steelers black and gold or Buccaneers red and pewter.

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    I'd rather have Willie Parker...

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    I dunno this just doesn't seem accurate, it's evening down the teams too quickly. Just cause he likes those coaches doesn't mean those are the two teams he could sign with. I don't think this will happen considering the Steelers already have Mendenhall, Redman and Dwyer, and drafted a 3rd down RB in Baron Batch AND have the possibility of bringing back Mewelde Moore. And Pittsburgh is always tight on FA signings, overall I just don't see it happening I could see him going to the Bucs though.

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